January 02, 2003 12:00 PM

There’s a whole lot of trouble brewing with Heath Ledger’s latest movie, the occult thriller “Sin Eater,” Variety reports.

Its studio, 20th Century Fox, has pulled the young Aussie hunk’s picture from its Jan 17 release date because its special effects were unintentionally funny, according to the trade paper. Among the problems: the sins that the sin eaters were munching on looked “like calamari.”

To help fix it, Fox has taken the effects out of the hands of the London-based Mill Film and turned them over to Asylum, a company based in Santa Monica, Calif.

The movie also will be given a new name — “The Order” — and while a new release date is as yet unannounced, late summer seems a distinct possibility.

According to Variety, “The Order” refers “to an ancient order of rogue priests who would eat food off a corpse, taking unforgiven sins upon themselves and absolving the deceased.”

The problem with the special effects, though, was that as the sins were shown flying out of the body, preview audiences shrieked with laughter rather than fear.

Ledger, 23, had a movie last year that didn’t do as well as was hoped for. That was “The Four Feathers.”

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