Monica Lewinsky may talk to British TV about her affair with President Clinton, Reuters reports. Two of Britain’s top commercial broadcasters, Channel Four and Channel Three, are fighting for TV rights to interview the woman at the center of the White House sex-and-perjury scandal. Channel Four has clinched a preliminary deal to pay the former White House intern around $664,300, sources said. If finalized, Channel Four would have the right to broadcast its interview in Britain and the rest of the world outside North America, where Lewinsky is being courted by U.S. broadcasters.

  • Royal biographer Andrew Morton, who wrote the best-selling “Diana: Her True Story,” is reportedly ready to sign a seven-figure deal to write a book about Lewinsky, the New York Daily News reports. Lewinsky, like Princess Diana, is expected to cooperate with Morton, who, sources told the paper, plans to write “a love story about a young girl who fell in love with Bill Clinton.” The paper did not name the British publishing house involved in the deal.
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