Monica Marked Down

From Barbara Walters to the bargain bin. Two and a half months after the release of “Monica’s Story,” the former White House intern’s best seller has joined the ranks of the “remaindered,” books offered at a big discount. “It’s a common approach that publishers use to try to boost sales of a hardcover that’s lagging,” Jim Milliot, business and news editor for the trade magazine Publishers Weekly, said Tuesday. “I don’t think anybody is surprised,” Milliot added. “I think most predictions were that it would have a short shelf life.”

  • Although dismissed by reviewers, “Monica’s Story” was hardly a commercial flop. According to John Murphy, director of publicity at St. Martin’s Press, the book easily sold out its initial printing of 350,000 and has now sold about half a million copies in the U.S. alone. “We’re very pleased with how the book did.”
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