Monica Lewinsky Hopes New #BeStrong Emoji Keyboard App Will Help Teens 'Feel Less Alone' When Cyber-Bullying Occurs

Monica Lewinsky's keyboard app will be available for download starting Tuesday, World Safer Internet Day

Photo: Brian Doben

Monica Lewinsky is expanding her fight against bullying.

In an effort to combat cyber-bullying and promote compassion, Lewinsky, 42, teamed up with Vodafone to create the new #BeStrong Emoji Keyboard app. The new emojis, which were unveiled on Vanity Fair Monday morning, are meant to provide teens with a way to “communicate support in a bullying situation.”

“Had social media around in 1998, the thought of the hashtags alone makes me want to run to a therapy session,” the anti-bullying activist tells PEOPLE exclusively. “But what would have been positive was that not only would I have been able to see when someone made a supportive comment, but others would have, too. Compassion can be contagious.”

She continues, “That is what is at the heart of the #BeStrong emojis: for people–especially teens–to feel less alone when these incidents happen online.”

Lewinsky knows from firsthand experience what it means to know you’re not alone when you’re going through a rough period. In a video accompanying the announcement, Lewinsky says that in 1998, the highlight of her day was often receiving letters of support from strangers in the mail.

Starting on World Safer Internet Day this Tuesday, you can download the free keyboard app from the iTunes App Store.

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