Monica: It's In the Bag

Speaking of Monica Lewinsky (who just moved into pricey new digs in New York’s Greenwich Village), the former White House intern and author is hoping to pick up a little extra money selling her own line of handbags over the Internet. “What really excites me is that this has nothing to do with the President,” she says in October’s Marie Claire magazine. Lewinsky is selling eight designs, ranging from $70 to $130. She says she took up knitting and sewing “as the only way to stay sane” when she was holed up in her Washington apartment and forbidden by prosecutors to contact anyone. After she made her first handbag, she claims, all her friends wanted one.

  • In other job news, Monica may pull a Fergie and become a spokesperson for a diet system. New York’s Daily News reports that Lewinsky is mulling over an offer from Jenny Craig to appear in the weight-loss program’s advertisements.
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