Eva St. Clair
February 13, 2015 11:55 AM

There are plenty of adorable dresses out there for little girls who like princesses and hearts, but what about the ones who prefer dinosaurs and trucks?

Seeing a gap in options for little girls, Rebecca Melsky and Eva St. Clair created Princess Awesome. They make simple dresses using non-traditional prints and patterns like robots, planes and trains.

“My daughter, when she turned about 2, started insisting on wearing dresses every day,” Melsky tells PEOPLE. “I loved buying her all the cute, twirl-y fun things, but one day I thought to myself, ‘Why don’t they make dresses with dinosaurs or spaceships? She would love that. She would wear that.’ ”

Melsky decided to take it upon herself to create these unique dresses, teaming up with her friend St. Clair to launch Princess Awesome.

“We do a combination of things with our prints, from pi or atomic shells, which appeal to parents who want to get kids interested and excited about math and science, to pirates and dinosaurs, which all kids like because those things are awesome,” Melsky says.

Though the dresses are sold out on their website, items can still be purchased through their Kickstarter page, where they hope to raise enough money to move to factory production and restart online sales. The campaign has currently raised $93,420 – far surpassing their $35,000 goal – and 20 days still remain.

“How well our Kickstarter has been doing has just been overwhelming and humbling for us, and really amazing,” Melsky says.

Once the fundraising period ends, the dresses will go into production, and they’ll go on sale in July in the online store. Melsky hopes to eventually expand and stock their dresses in boutiques.

“The ultimate goal is to make clothes for girls that really reflect the range of interests that girls have, and the range of interests that parents want to encourage and support for their girls,” she says. “We know that girls like lots of things – they like dresses and trucks – and they should have clothes that reflect that.”

Girls wearing Princess Awesome dresses
Eva St. Clair

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