Some kids want pirates, some want attorneys

Credit: L'Erin Dobra

Grayson Dobra is a lot like most toddlers. “Mommy” and “Daddy” were two of his first words. And he celebrated his first birthday with a Mickey Mouse-themed party.

But unlike most 2-year-olds, he spent his second birthday celebrating alongside a cardboard cutout of New Orleans personal injury lawyer Morris Bart.

Grayson has been a fan of the attorney since his grandmother babysat him when he was just a few months old. She would watch The Price Is Right and her favorite soap operas on TV, and ads featuring Bart aired frequently. L’erin Dobra, Grayson’s mother, tells PEOPLE, “[His grandmother] told me, ‘It’s funny, but when Morris Bart commercials come on, Grayson just stops. He’s fixated on it.'”

It wasn’t long before Grayson became obsessed, adding “Bart” to his earliest words and eventually repeating the lawyer’s catchphrase, “One call, that’s all.”

Grayson is a bit possessive of Bart as well. “My husband and I will be talking about him, and Grayson will hear us and say, ‘My Bart!'” Dobra says.

So when it came time to plan her son’s second birthday party in January, it made sense to Dobra to go for something she knew he’d love: a Morris Bart theme.

Of course, personal injury attorney decorations aren’t lining the walls at party stores, so Dobra and the rest of Grayson’s family got creative, making a Morris Bart cake, T-shirt and even a life-size cutout.

“When he opened that, he was shocked,” Dobra says of the latter. “It was like ‘Morris Bart is here, with me.'”

Dobra also tried to arrange a real-life visit from Bart, but he doesn’t make personal appearances at children’s birthday parties (a new policy, to be sure). He did, however, send Grayson his best wishes in the form of an extra-large New Orleans Pelicans T-shirt (that he’ll be wearing until he grows into it, Dobra says), a Morris Bart keychain and an autographed picture.

Since the party, Grayson’s love for Bart is still going strong and he’ll frequently drop “One call, that’s all!” into conversations.

We can’t wait to see what Dobra has planned for when Grayson turns 3!