Courtesy Traci Eubank
July 01, 2015 10:40 AM

One little boy s birthday dream is coming true, thanks to his mother and hundreds of strangers.

For his 10th birthday, Camden Eubank of Roanoke, Virginia, asked his mom for a big water balloon fight. But his wish wasn’t so easy to grant because Camden has Apraxia, a speech disorder that makes it hard for him to make friends.

After only a few children RSVP’d to Camden s party, his mom, Traci Eubank, created a Facebook page inviting children in the area to come celebrate with Camden. Traci says she had no idea it would turn out to be such a success.

I didn t really think it would happen like this, Eubanks tells PEOPLE. I thought maybe three or four kids of Facebook friends would come, not hundreds!

The Facebook page has more than 2,000 likes and 300 RSVPs so far. Traci has also set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for party supplies and community park fees.

Traci has also shared more about her son s story on the website, writing: “Camden is turning 10 on July 6th and wants to have an ultimate water balloon fight party with 2,000 balloons and lots of kids. The only problem is Camden has Apraxia of speech and because of the issues with articulation and some impulsiveness he has a really hard time making friends.”

Traci ends the post with a sweet invitation to the public: “To fulfill his 10th birthday wish of having a huge water balloon fight, I am extending an open invitation to anyone with kids that wants to come throw some water balloons with one awesome little boy.”

She says that people around the world have offered their support financially and emotionally.

“Before all of this, we thought we were alone,” Traci tells PEOPLE. “It s an amazing thing.”

The proud mom says Camden, who usually hangs out with his sister and one or two friends, can’t wait for his birthday party on July 6. He s already laid out his outfit, she says – a shirt of his favorite movie, Minions, and a pair of shorts.

The Eubanks, who have attended a support group for children with Camden s disorder in the past, hope this event will bring awareness to Apraxia and help local children make new friends.

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