The Project Accessory host says she's going to take a cooking lesson from Giada De Laurentiis

By Kate Hogan
Updated October 21, 2011 02:25 PM
Credit: Stephen Lovekin/Getty

She’s been married for less than a month, but Molly Sims is already settling into the role of happy housewife.

“Three weeks in, I am good,” she told PEOPLE Thursday night at the eBay Inspiration Shop in New York. “I am trying to learn how to cook. I learned how to cook Thanksgiving, but never learned how to cook for two people. So that, for married life, is my next venture.”

So far, the process is going fairly well; the Project Accessory host said she’d made grilled salmon salad, carrot-and-parsnip mash and a cauliflower and Parmesan dish all this week. “We ordered Chinese last night, though,” she admitted.

However, learning by trial and error also has its challenges: Sims was sporting a burn she received when her blender full of cauliflower and Parmesan “exploded everywhere.” That she said has her likely turning to a pro for help soon. “I was just with Giada [De Laurentiis] on Tuesday and she offered to give me a lesson,” Sims shared. “I think I may take her up on it.”

She’s not letting a burn stop her, though. Sims is planning to cook Thanksgiving dinner for her family when they head down to Mexico for the holiday. “I’m going to bring the south to Mexico,” she joked.

Reflecting on her September wedding to producer Scott Stuber, Sims said the day was “so fun. I can’t believe it’s over. It just went so fast, and we had the best time.” In fact, she wouldn’t mind reliving it again. “I said to the wedding planners, ‘I think I’m just going to hire you because I can’t let you go.'”

And as for that gorgeous Marchesa gown, Sims said she’s having it preserved so she can hold onto it for years to come. “Hopefully one day, knock on wood, I’ll have a little baby girl to pass it down to,” she said.