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September 18, 2012 09:45 AM

Even celebrities get star-struck.

Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen confesses in the October issue of Health that despite winning an Emmy and being on a hit show, she still gets frazzled around certain stars.

“If I see Angelina Jolie, I have to look away … She’s like a unicorn,” she says. “It’s like, ‘There’s Angelina Jolie. We’re not going to seriously stand here and pretend it’s not like seeing a yeti, right?'”

Aside from gawking over Jolie, Bowen, 42, also speaks candidly about what it takes to maintain her youthful look.

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“I’ve had lasers leveled at my face and I would like to do Fraxel,” the actress, whose Emmy-nominated comedy returns Sept. 26, says. “I do find it odd people choose to do stuff that makes them look like crazy Hollywood faces, but I’ve got zero judgment … I’ve worn some ugly shoes.”

But Bowen balances the demands of show business with motherhood. The actress, who is mom to Oliver, 5 and 3-year-old twins, Gus and John relies on her brood to stay grounded.

“We have a lot of crazy dance parties in the shower,” she says of children. “A dance party with three naked children and one fairly naked mother? There’s nothing better.”

As for her ideal date with husband, software developer Scott Phillips?

“Going to the movies. We get popcorn, Twizzlers and Milk Duds … We eat like pigs at a trough.”

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