Model's Death from Anorexia Spurs Warnings

Ana Carolina Reston succumbed to an infection caused by her eating disorder

The death Tuesday of anorexic model Ana Carolina Reston has those close to her hoping the fashion industry will finally wake up to the dangers of the eating disorder.

Reston, 21, a Brazilian model who weighed only 88 pounds at the time of her death, succumbed to a generalized infection caused by anorexia nervosa, officials at Sao Paulo’s Servior Publico Hospital said.

Reston’s mother, Miriam, told the Estado de Sao Paulo newspaper she’d pleaded with her 5-ft., 8-in. daughter to eat more, the Associated Press reports. “She would say: ‘Mom, please don’t fight with me. There is nothing wrong with me, I’m fine.’ ”

Also speaking out is the mother of Reston’s model boyfriend, Bruno Setti, 19. “Ana’s death should serve as a wake-up call to modeling agencies about the danger of anorexia,” Setti’s mother Viviane said, according to the London Times. “There’s nothing glamorous about an ending like hers.”

Reston’s cousin, Dani Grimaldi, told Estado de Sao Paulo that Ana Carolina also suffered from bulimia. “Fifteen minutes after eating she would lock herself in the bathroom and turn on the shower so no one could hear her vomiting,” he said.

In September, the organizers of Madrid Fashion Week banned models below a minimum body-mass index from the event’s shows after the death of model Luisel Ramos, 22, from heart failure, reportedly after weeks of consuming nothing but lettuce and diet drinks.

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