This may be the best engagement video yet

By Michele Corriston
January 31, 2014 04:15 PM

A model who thought she was shooting a Neiman Marcus campaign ended up posing for something even better: her surprise engagement video!

Quiana Grant, a model who has appeared in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition and Michael Kors ads, was shocked when her boyfriend, Dr. James Pinckney II, crashed the set in his scrubs.

“Sorry to interrupt the shoot, everybody,” Pinckney announced before turning to Grant. “God truly sent me an angel. Quiana Nicole Grant, will you marry me?”

Grant jumped and screamed as Pinckney got down on one knee, answering, “Oh, my God!” and nodding her head yes.

Ever the professional, Grant worried her happy tears would ruin the photo shoot.

“My makeup!” she cried.

Fortunately, the photo shoot was simply an elaborate setup between Pinckney and the crew. And for Grant, the proposal was literally a dream come true.

“Last night I had a dream that you proposed, and I was telling them!” she exclaimed.

As Essence magazine – which is featuring the video on its website – points out, “Fellas continue to raise the bar higher and higher these days when it comes to unique marriage proposals.”

You can watch the video below, but be warned – you might end up crying even more than the very giddy Grant did.