"He was 9-months-old when we lost him, he was a lot smaller!" his owner said

Credit: BBC East Midlands Today

A kitty caper in Nottinghamshire, England, had a happy ending earlier this week when a family’s cat, missing for 16 months, was found at a nearby pet food warehouse, according to the BBC.

He was no worse off for his adventure – but he was a little more “porky,” his owners told the BBC.

Clive the Norwegian forest cat went missing from the town of Toton in October 2014, and the family resigned themselves to his disappearance, according to the BBC.

“Obviously we thought [he’d] gone and that was it,” owner Tayna Irons said.

All those months later, though, and Clive turned up not too far away, at a Kennelgate Pet Superstores warehouse, where employees first noticed something was strangely setting off the alarms.

With the help of a cat trap, Clive was caught and, after a microchip scan, soon reunited with his family, the company said in a Wednesday Facebook post.

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“It’s a mystery as to where he has been over the past 14 months,” Kennelgate wrote, “but we think he couldn’t of ended up in a better place what with all the free pet food he could dream of, not forgetting the odd warehouse mouse!”

Though Clive beefed up a bit during his time away – “I can’t believe he’s so porky,” Irons told the BBC – he doesn’t seem to have been harmed otherwise.

“He was 9-months-old when we lost him, he was a lot smaller!” Irons told the Nottingham Post. “He’s so big and fluffy now.”

“‘I think he smells a bit,’ ” Irons told the BBC, recalling what she was told when Clive was found, “but that’s it.”