By Elizabeth Darst
Updated November 19, 2001 08:09 AM

CROWNED: Agbani Darego, 18, of Nigeria won the Miss World pageant, the first black African contestant to take the crown. The pageant, held in Sun City, South Africa, was hosted by American TV trash-talk show host Jerry Springer and was seen by over 1.2 billion people worldwide. Darego says she hopes to be a model and a computer scientist someday . . . INJURED: Prince Charles suffered an eye irritation while sawing trees at his country home in Gloucestershire, England. Some sawdust entered the prince’s left eye, which was treated at an area hospital. He is expected to recover fully within days . . . OFF THE HOOK: The case against Jay Kay, big-hatted singer for the band Jamiroquai, was dismissed this morning in London, reports Reuters. From the beginning, Kay denied allegations that he had assaulted photographer Dennis Gill outside a London club and said today, “I’m glad that sense has prevailed . . . DIED: CHARLOTTE COLEMAN, 33, the British actress who played Hugh Grant’s dizzy flatmate in 1994’s “Four Weddings and a Funeral,” suffered a massive asthma attack in her London apartment on Wednesday . . . ALBERT HAGUE, 81, “Fame” actor and Tony-award-winning Broadway composer, died of cancer on Monday. After fleeing Nazi Germany as a boy, Hague became a successful composer, winning his Tony for 1959’s “Redhead,” starring Gwen Verdon. He later became an actor, appearing in both the film and TV versions of “Fame” as tough teacher Mr. Shorofsky . . . RECOVERING: Country star Waylon Jennings, 64, from leg surgery due to peripheral vascular disease, in Phoenix on Nov. 8. The singer was forced to postpone two Arizona concerts . . . SOLD: Madonna’s girlhood home in Rochester Hills, Michigan, was bought by Sam Michael, representing an Ohio real estate group, for $331,000 on Saturday. Michael said he hopes to profit by reselling the 1.3-acre wooded property, according to the Associated Press.