The comments flew Sunday night as beauty paraded onstage in Atlantic City

By Alex Heigl
September 15, 2014 10:15 AM
Donald Kravitz/Getty

Kira Kazantsev won Sunday’s 2014 Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City, marking the third year in a row that the crown went to a New Yorker.

As might be expected, the glitzy pageantry of Miss America lends itself to some colorful peanut-gallery commentary, and Twitter did not disappoint Sunday.

Here are some examples from the Twittersphere.

Jimmy Kimmel was apparently impressed with the seriousness of the lines of questioning during the show.

Others commented on Kazantsev’s stripped-down talent routine, which saw her perform a version of Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” accompanied by only a red Solo cup.

Comedian Bridger Winegar added his own “fun fact” to the screen while viewing the ceremony.

It’s important to understand the implications of what each state’s contestant’s loss means.

The prominent misspelling of Jane Austen’s name was a big talking point for the evening.

Frozen‘s grip on pop culture continues.

The onscreen “Fun Facts” provided plenty of fodder for commenters.

Miss America contestants: They’re just like us.

The New York Times columnist David Carr was surprised by the sheer volume of sarcastic commentary online, possibly because this was his first day on the Internet.

In the end, there’s really only one thing to take away from the Miss America Pageant: The winner’s unfortunate forced marriage to Elvis Costello.

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