Au revoir, O.C.! Barton chats to PEOPLE about her new life in France

By Monique Jessen
Updated May 15, 2008 09:40 AM
Mike Marsland/WireImage

Mischa Barton will always have Paris – the city, not the Hilton.

The former O.C. star has set up house in the City of Light, making it easier than ever to check out the glitz and glamour at the Cannes Film Festival.

“I’m living in Paris right now so I thought I would come down for a few days,” the British-born actress told PEOPLE at the Chopard and Alberta Ferretti Opening Gala on Wednesday night. (She has two movies at the festival, including You and I.)

So why Paris? “No reason,” the 22-year-old said, shrugging her shoulders, “I’ve just always wanted to move there. I’m enjoying some time off.”

Since arriving in the south of France on Tuesday, Barton said she’d been doing some press. But mostly she’s just enjoying the Riviera vibe.

“I’ve been coming here since I was 12, so I know the deal,” she said. “It’s always good fun.”

Maybe a bit too much fun.

“It’s pretty manic, ” Barton admitted. “I’m hoping it calms down a bit.”