VidCon 2015: Miranda Sings Is About to Make the Hardest Newlywed Decision, Like, Ever

The online entertainer reveals her favorite thing about being married

Photo: David A. Walega/Getty

Fresh off her Hawaii-Mexico honeymoon with husband Joshua, Colleen Evans – known by millions of YouTubers as Miranda Sings – headed to this year's VidCon to discuss all things vlogging and the online persona she created seven years ago, while also giving fans details on her newlywed life.

"We've been together so long that it doesn't feel different," Evans said of marriage at her Behind Miranda Sings panel on Thursday. "We're just excited that we can call each other husband and wife."

The YouTuber did note, however: "He calls me Mrs. Evans, which is so weird." (Weird? ‘Scuse us while we faint from the cuteness overload.)

Josh, who joined Evans on stage halfway through the panel with a T-shirt that read "I 3 My Wife," kissed and gushed about her.

"She's so beautiful and talented," he said.

While the couple has no immediate plans to start a family anytime soon, Evans is contemplating an important life decision: changing her Twitter handle.

"I'm still debating it," she said. "I have no idea."

Reporting by PATRICK GOMEZ

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