YouTube's Miranda Sings (a.k.a. Colleen Evans) Responds to Mean Commenters with an Epic Song

Sticks and stones, right?

Photo: David A. Walega/Getty

Colleen Evans – the mastermind behind the super-successful YouTube channel Miranda Sings – is using song to deliver an important message to mean-spirited commenters.

The most recent video on her personal account, titled "Psycho Soprano," shows Evans singing mean comments that have been left on her accounts through the years.

“Feeling worst about myself because of you, but the joke’s on you because your comments make me money and you’re paying my bills,” she belts.

Despite the obvious rudeness of the comments, they also share another quality: terrible grammar (one actually reads: “You’re not atriative yur very agly”). Needless to say, the YouTuber isn’t afraid to address those gems, either.

“Instead of letting them affect me in a negative way, I choose to sing about them and poke fun at them right back because let’s be honest, anybody who has grammar that terrible is very uneducated and is probably living in their parents’ garage or basement at age 42,” she says at the end of the clip. “And yes, I’m assuming they’re all male.”

While the video focuses on mean comments, Evans does take a moment to thank her devoted followers for leaving positive messages on all her videos as well. And on this particular vlog, such support is flowing in.

“I’ll start commenting on more videos if it makes you money,” says YouTube user Abbi Rose, echoing others’ feelings. “Forget the haters.”

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