"He will talk to anyone, sign anything, take a picture with everyone," she says of husband Blake Shelton

By Maggie Coughlan
Updated January 08, 2013 09:45 AM
Credit: Courtesy Redbook

Despite countless awards, hit records and a doting husband, Miranda Lambert isn’t always so confident.

“I’m insecure about tons of things!” she says in Redbook‘s February issue – available on newsstands Tuesday.

“I cry onstage once a week, singing ‘The House That Built Me,’ and I always tell the crowd, ‘Don’t tell anyone I was cryin’!’ Or ‘Over You,’ when Blake [Shelton] and I had all that loss in our lives. It was really hard to get up there after we had been to three funerals,” the singer says of the Country Music Award-winning song she co-wrote with husband Shelton.

Although their high-profile careers sometimes keep Lambert, 29, and Shelton, 36, apart, the singer says the distance makes her heart grow fonder.

“This time I hadn’t seen him in 11 days,” she recalls. “He was just so happy when I got here it was like [making an angels-singing voice] ‘Ahh, you’re here.’ When I go to the The Voice set and everyone says, ‘Blake’s been talking about you so much,’ it just makes me feel special.”

But when they are together, Lambert says she’s “protective” over their private time together.

“He’s the sweetest guy. Like, he will talk to anyone, sign anything, take a picture with everyone. And if I don’t stop it at some point, it ruins our whole night,” she says. “I have to be the bad guy. The people are like ‘Oh, God, don’t mess with her …’ ”