Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic
November 04, 2008 11:50 AM

Although they’ve been a couple for more than three years, country stars Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton had never toured with each other for good reason.

“We didn’t know if we would kill each other or become closer,” Lambert jokes to PEOPLE.

But as they prepare to wrap a month of tour dates together on Nov. 8, she’s got good news: “We made it through!” she says.

That’s not to say the experiment was pure relationship bliss.

“He’s got such a great personality, but I did realize that long periods of time in a really small space with him isn’t something I want to do everyday,” she says.

“We each had our own buses but we spent the night on one or the other. He’s in total guy world on his bus. Whenever he comes off the road he’ll be burping and poking at people and watching football and just being a guy.”

Lambert says Shelton, whose new album Startin’ Fires hits stores Nov. 18, learned to tone down his boyish behavior “with much nagging.”

Still, “it was good at some points in the day to go, ‘Okay, I’m going on my bus! I’m going to watch TLC for awhile!’ ”

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