Miranda Cosgrove Reveals Heartbreak Over 'the One Who Got Away'

The iCarly actress has had one serious boyfriend, and she's "not completely over" him yet

Photo: Courtesy Seventeen

She’s only 17, but Miranda Cosgrove already knows heartbreak.

“I’ve only had one serious boyfriend, but we dated for three years,” the iCarly actress says in the March issue of Seventeen. “We broke up not that long ago. He’s the one guy I really, really liked. People say they have that one person they never forget – I feel like that. Even though we don’t talk too much anymore, he’ll be the one who got away.”

Cosgrove, who won’t reveal his name but says she met her now-ex at work, says that “yeah,” she was heartbroken over the breakup – and finally understood what all the fuss was about.

“My two best friends have gone through breakups that were really hard, and I remember thinking, ‘How could this be so hard and important to them?’ ” she says. “Literally for months they were really upset and they couldn’t get over it.”

“I had no idea what it was like,” she adds. “And now that I’ve been through it, I totally understand. It was really hard.”

With a good dose of crying and “a lot” of talking it out with her friends, Cosgrove said she managed to get over the worst of it. But that doesn’t mean she’s ready to get back out there and start dating again.

“I’ve been on two dates and I meet really nice people all the time, but I’m not completely over my ex,” she says. “Right now I feel a little funny going out with people.”

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