The iCarly star's single "Kissin' U" is about a boy, but she won't name names

By Ken Lee
May 19, 2010 07:00 PM
Credit: Eugene Gologursky/WireImage

Miranda Cosgrove wrote her song “Kissin’ U” with a certain boy in mind – but she won’t reveal her muse.

Asked if that special someone is fellow Nickelodeon star Nat Wolff, whom she’s been linked with, Cosgrove, 17, laughs, “Um, next question.”

But she confesses, “I go on dates all the time and I have guys that I really like, but I don’t have a definite boyfriend.”

Cosgrove has plenty of other things to dish about: She’s performing songs from her new album Sparks Fly in her first mini-concert (no lip synching!) this Thursday in Plano, Texas, for the 8-year-old winner of the Quaker Chewy Afterschool Rocks Sweepstakes.

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She also stars alongside Steve Carell in her first animated role in this summer’s Despicable Me and resumes filming iCarly episodes in a few weeks.

But Cosgrove’s got plenty of other normal teenage concerns as well: She’s nervous about taking the SAT in a few months, and is thinking about applying to New York University to major in film when she goes to college.

“But my dad still wants me to go to USC,” Cosgrove says. “He loves USC. Every four or five days he gives me his USC speech.”

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