July 10, 2002 12:00 PM

With reruns monopolizing prime time, perhaps it’s not surprising that TV newsmagazines, some with fresh material, made strong showings in the Nielsen race last week. CBS had the week’s top program, “60 Minutes” (albeit a rerun), and five other shows, including “Everybody Loves Raymond,” in the Top 10. NBC had the remaining four shows in the Top 10, led by Tuesday’s edition of “Dateline.” The top Fox show was “American Idol,” which came in at No. 13. The top ABC show was a special Friday edition of “20/20,” which tied at No. 25 with special editions of NBC’s “Dateline” (Friday) and Fox’s Pepsi 400. Reuters also reports that the top UPN and WB shows, “One on One” and “Smallville,” respectively, tied at No. 81. The Top 10 prime-time shows for the week of July 1-7 were as follows:

1.”60 Minutes,” CBS, 9.1 million homes
2. “Everybody Loves Raymond,” CBS, 8.4 million homes
3. “CBS Sunday Movie: A Time to Kill,” CBS, 8.1 million homes
4. (tie) “48 Hours — Monday,” CBS, 7.8 million homes
4. (tie) “Dateline NBC — Tuesday,” NBC, 7.8 million homes
6. “Becker,” CBS, 7.7 million homes
7. (tie) “Law & Order,” NBC, 7 million homes
7. (tie) “Law & Order: Criminal Intent,” NBC, 7 million homes
9. “Crime and Punishment,” NBC, 6.7 million homes
10. “CBS Friday Movie Special: Murder, She Wrote: South by Southwest,” CBS, 6.6 million homes

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