"Daniel Perelmutter has been the bane of his neighbors for years," Driver's lawyer, Ellyn Garofalo, said in a statement to PEOPLE

By Karen Mizoguchi
Updated May 10, 2016 09:00 PM
Credit: Stefanie Keenan/Getty

Minnie Driver is hitting back at accusations made by her neighbors Daniel and Mary Lou Perelmutter.

According to a complaint filed by the Perelmutters on Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court, they claim Driver has made it difficult for the couple to continue construction on their L.A. home, the Wrap reports.

They claim that Driver allegedly speeds her car toward the Perelmutters and construction workers, and has allegedly thrown “baby food jars filled with black paint against the walls of the home.”

However, in a statement to PEOPLE, Driver’s lawyer, Ellyn Garofalo, says the problems have been going on for some time and calls the lawsuit “frivolous” and says it will be “successfully defended.”

“Daniel Perelmutter has been the bane of his neighbors for years. Ten years ago, the previous owners of Ms. Driver’s home were forced to sue Mr. Perelmutter for interfering with their ability to use a common driveway to reach their property,” Garofalo explains.

“Mr. Perelmutter filed this lawsuit in retaliation for a contempt proceeding in which Ms. Driver alleges that Mr. Perelmutter is back to his old tricks and had violated the 2006 Court order entered against him,” she continues.

Driver and the Perelmutters have reportedly had previous disputes. In November 2015, the British star was granted a restraining order against Mr. Perelmutter. And earlier this month, police were reportedly called to break up a verbal fight between the two parties.

In the statement obtained by PEOPLE, Driver’s lawyer adds, “Mr. Perelmutter’s recent misconduct affects not only Ms. Driver, but the other homeowners who share the driveway with Mr. Perelmutter. These neighbors fully support Ms. Driver and are working with her to stop Mr. Perelmutter from his ongoing violations of the 2006 Court order and restore their access to their homes. Mr. Perelmutter’s lawsuit is frivolous and will be successfully defended.”