Minnie Driver Breaks Silence on Legal Dispute with Her Neighbors: 'I Would Ask Him to Stop If Only for My Kid'

Her neighbors claim Driver has made it difficult for them to continue construction on their L.A. home

Photo: Andrew Toth/Getty

Minnie Driver is telling her side of the story after her neighbors filed a complaint alleging the actress has “intentionally” been making their lives difficult.

Daniel and Mary Lou Perelmutter claim Driver, 46, has made it difficult for the couple to continue construction on their L.A. home, according to their complaint filed on Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

In the lawsuit, the Perelmutters also claim that the actress allegedly speeds her car toward the couple and construction workers, and has allegedly thrown “baby food jars filled with black paint against the walls of the home.”

Recently, Driver spoke out about the reckless driving accusations explaining to Entertainment Tonight that she carpools her 7-year-old son Henry and his friends. “I would never drive dangerously with my children or with other people’s children,” she said, adding, “That is an egregious allegation.” As for the paint-bombing claims, Driver stated, “I did not throw that. I did not stoop to vandalism.”

All in all, Driver sternly suggested to leave her son out of their quarrel. “He can make allegations. I’m just a person. I’m a single mom. I would ask him to stop only for my kid,” the mother of one asked.

“His aggressive conduct is escalating, and we are frightened about what Mr. Perelmutter will do next. Henry’s scared to come back to the house,” Driver also told ET. “He wants play dates at other people’s houses until bedtime when he thinks he will be gone.”

Driver and the Perelmutters are set to go to trial in August.

In a statement to PEOPLE, Driver’s lawyer, Ellyn Garofalo, previously said the problems have been going on for some time. Calling the lawsuit “frivolous,” Garofalo said it will be “successfully defended,” also stating that “Daniel Perelmutter has been the bane of his neighbors for years.”

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