The actress leaves the social network after being harassed over a bikini shot

By Cara Lynn Shultz
April 11, 2014 03:35 PM
KDNPIX/Splash News Online

Just a few days ago, Minnie Driver was "mad about" Twitter.

But now, the About a Boy actress is leaving the social network, after being the target of “mean” comments that bullied Driver about her bikini body.

Driver, who has a son, Henry, 5½, had been snapped in a cute green two-piece while vacationing with her family in Miami, prompting an influx of hateful comments.

“You try being photographed when you don t know it s happening, when you re on holiday with your kids,” the actress Tweeted on Wednesday.

Although it’s not clear what those negative comments were, the 44-year-old followed her Tweet with an announcement that she was quitting “this Twittersphere for a while” because it’s “too mean sometimes, about your body, about your soul.”

Not all the comments were hateful; fans also expressed their support for the actress in 140-character bursts following her announcement.

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