They're an odd casting choice for Saving Private Ryan, but we'd still see it

By Alex Heigl
Updated June 29, 2015 04:00 PM
Credit: Rex USA

Minions hits theaters July 10, and what better way to celebrate than by letting them invade a host of other movies?

That’s just what artist Alecx8 did. The 20-year-old DeviantArtist from Spain has manipulated a number of classic movie posters to include Gru’s beloved hench … things, and we’ve got a selection to share with you right now.

Literally the only way the New Year’s Eve / Valentine’s Day casts could get any more crowded would be if they starred the Minions.

Do Minions dream? Can they incept? Is there a Minion version of Ken Watanabe?

But where do the Minions stand on Slim Whitman’s eternal classic, “Indian Love Call?”

You’re gonna need a bigger movie.

Wait, what happens if/when you feed Minions after midnight? Has that ever been explained?

“Earn this.”