The singer's mom frantically calls 911 but her rep says no information points to a possible OD

By Eunice Oh
May 26, 2010 03:50 PM
Randi Radcliff

While there’s still no official word on what caused Mindy McCready recent hospitalization, the country singer’s mother says her daughter “is really sick” after what she first believed was a prescription pill overdose.

Gayle Inge, who made a frantic 911 call Tuesday telling dispatchers she thought McCready had “just taken an overdose” with “a lot [of pills],” including the narcotic painkiller Darvocet, now says she may have jumped to conclusions.

“I said that myself because I thought the bottle was empty,” Inge tells local Florida paper Naples Daily News. “[Darvocet] wasn’t found in her system.”

A rep for the singer tells PEOPLE there is no information that “points the finger toward an overdose” but doctors are keeping her at Cape Coral Hospital in Florida.

The hospitalization culminates what has been a tumultuous past five years for the country singer.

After attempting suicide in 2005, McCready was hospitalized again in 2008 after police found her with wounds on her wrists. She also went to jail in 2007 for violating probation and entered rehab.

Fighting for Custody

But she’s also had to deal with family problems back home, specifically with Inge, who has been taking care of McCready’s 4-year-old son Zander since 2007.

“The relationship between Mindy and her mother, Gayle, is volatile and unhealthy,” says her rep.

In fact, McCready has been in Florida for the past two weeks to attend court hearings in hopes of regaining custody of her son.

As for how she is holding up, the singer’s rep says she is “doing really well,” adding that the court has allowed her to begin supervised visitation with her son.

“That court hearing left her feeling very hopeful,” says the rep, “and she’s been very positive it’s going to be a progressive situation.”

Reporting by EILEEN FINAN