Plus, which celebrity crush used to keep the Why Not Me? author up at night
Credit: John Lamparski/WireImage

Best friends Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak attended New York City’s BookCon on Saturday to discuss the actress’s upcoming book Why Not Me?

Novak, who will be starring in the McDonald’s biopic, moderated the event, and Kaling wasn’t shy about discussing her teen celebrity crushes.

In her new book, the 35-year-old writes about the first love-from-afar that kept her up at night. Novak pressed her to reveal who that somebody was, and Kaling said that she had an “enormous crush” on Dana Carvey. She even pictured living with the Saturday Night Live alum in a house next to her family’s.

“I never liked the bad boy,” the Mindy Project creator said. “I only liked the good boy, which is why Dana Carvey was so appealing to me.”

“It wasn t until I got older that I liked bad boys,” Kaling continued, pointing to Novak, whom she has previously dated. You’re the baddest of the good boys.”

Kaling s celebrity crush didn t stop with Carvey. The Why Not Me? author also revealed that she loved Christian Slater.

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“I wanted so badly for Christian Slater to take my virginity,” Kaling admitted.

Kaling and Novak didn’t get into details about their "complicated" relationship, and readers hoping that their upcoming book will delve into their romantic past will probably be disappointed as it won’t be a “tell-all,” per Kaling.

But their fans can always hope: as Novak told the BookCon crowd, it’s still “very early in the creative process.”