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December 07, 2012 06:45 AM

Mindy Kaling is one confident lady!

The poised star of The Mindy Project looked pretty in pink on Wednesday as she stood in front a huge room full of people and admitted, “I love praise.”

Conducting the opening statements at The Hollywood Reporter‘s annual Women in Entertainment breakfast, which honored Diane Keaton, Kaling said praising the Academy Award-winning actress “is enjoyable because she is so self-deprecating. She literally invented the art of gracefully deflecting praise. I could learn something from her.”

Guests at the Beverly Hills Hotel-held event burst out in laughter, as Kaling went on to say, “I love hearing [praise]. I love calling my dad and reliving it for him. I love reliving it to myself in the car on the way back from something, listening to hip-hop music and just thinking.”

Added the former costar of The Office, “I even like it when the praise is only halfway. Like, ‘Isn’t it refreshing to see an unconventionally attractive, chubby woman of color running a television show?’ ” In her no-holds-barred speech, Kaling also admitted that she was wearing Spanx for the event.

At the breakfast, presented by Lifetime, guests were also treated to inspirational speeches by several other powerful women in Hollywood, including Elizabeth Banks, Kerry Washington – and Keaton herself.

While sipping on mimosas and coffee, guests munched o nfruit, potatoes, frittatas and assorted pastries. The uplifting morning concluded with the presentation of a Samsung inspirational board, which had powerful messages submitted by Washington, among others.
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