The theft is the fourth of its kind in Florida in a year
Credit: Getty

Van Thomas drove a semi truck for years before he could afford his own rig, which he bought about three weeks ago.

Driving from Texas to Pompano Beach, Florida, Thomas was on his last stop before a delivery in Orlando when his truck was stolen from a rest area, along with its cargo: 44,000 lbs. of Miller High Life.

The good news? The truck and most of its cargo have since been located. The bad news? This theft is the fourth such robbery of a semi in Florida recently: 180,000 eggs were stolen earlier this year in Fort Myers; a truck full of Hershey’s chocolate was stolen last December in Volusia County; and a truck full of Slimfast was also stolen near Orlando.

Eggs, chocolate bars, Slimfast and cheap beer: Sounds like the diet of a college student. Are we looking at a Perfect Score-style crime ring here?

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