Brett Ratner drops obvious hints that the angst-ridden track was inspired by Cyrus's ex
Credit: Michael Simon/Startraks

Despite its peppy beat and catchy pop hook, Miley Cyrus‘s “7 Things” was inspired by heartache. Sample lyric: “Your friends, they’re jerks/ When you act like them, just know it hurts.” And that s just one of the seven things she “hates” about her unnamed ex.

So who’s the guy? Brett Ratner, who directed the video, revealed to MTV that prior to solidifying the video’s concept, he visited the singer’s house and was shown “all of her personal items from under her bed that her ex-boyfriend gave her.” (Among the mementos: “Dirty socks and a bunch of photographs.”)

And although he never mentioned Cyrus’s most famous ex, Nick Jonas, by name – the director does drop one major hint.

“The necklace she’s wearing in the video is the necklace [the boy] gave her,” Ratner told MTV. “She’s wearing his diabetes or medical necklace.” (Jonas – who split with Cyrus in late 2007 after two years of dating – has Type 1 diabetes and is a spokesperson for awareness of the disease.)

Back in July, Jonas insisted that the song couldn’t be about him. “My friends aren’t jerks,” he told E!’s The Daily Ten.

For her part, the 15-year-old Cyrus recently told MTV that much of her record is about past relationships. “Most of my songs are for the girls who hate their current or ex-boyfriends,” she explained.

“You can tell by the lyrics that they’re very personal,” Ratner added. “The stuff she talks about in the video is clever and emotional and fun at the same time.”