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The new Web site GossipCop.com probes truth behind celebrity rumors

July 31, 2009 10:10 AM

Ever heard a celeb story that sounded too good to be true?

Gossip column veteran Michael Lewittes – he’s worked for the New York’s Daily News, US Weekly and Access Hollywood – and long-time friend Dan Abrams, MSNBC’s legal analyst, want to set the record straight for you: they recently launched GossipCop.com, a Web site that measures just how real the rumors are, on a scale resembling a thermometer.

Here’s a sampling of what the new site has broken down so far:

• One of the gossip mags reported that Jennifer Aniston hooked up with Gerard Butler, her costar in The Bounty. According to GossipCop, one of the gossip mags got it wrong.

Cameron Diaz was just playing around when she jokingly accepted a marriage proposal from a fan at the recent Comic Con convention in San Diego. But a gossip site later reported it as fact.

• And, no, teen queen Miley Cyrus will not be appearing nude on film, despite breathless Internet reports that she would strip for Undiscovered Girl.

Lewittes told Good Morning America that the Web site is a response to what he called the devolution of entertainment gossip. “People used to really care about reporting,” he said. “They’d call their sources, they’d call both sides, then they’d make a determination. [Now] it’s more titillating to be outrageous than to be accurate.”

And how will Gossip Cop turn the tide? Lewittes believe entertainment news fans actually do care about accuracy – deeply. “At the end of the day, he says, “people want to know the truth.”
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