July 21, 2015 06:00 PM

Get read y’all! With the news that Miley Cyrus is hosting the MTV Video Music Awards we couldn’t help but let the wheels in our noggins begin spinning wondering what she could possibly have planned to top her previous VMA appearances.

Outrageous performance and shocking outfits? Check. Tear-jerking spectacle? Check. She’s covered a range of emotions. Here are three more we’re hoping to see at this year’s VMAs:

1. Humor

Cyrus had no problem making fun of herself when she hosted Saturday Night Live and self-deprication is always a win!

2. Playful

Singing a duet with Ariana Grande for her Happy Hippie series got over 11 million views. We can attribute some of that to their amazing voices, but there’s no doubt that singing while wearing onesies added to the enjoyment.

3. Nostalgia

Cyrus has spent a lot of time trying to prove she is no Disney good-girl and it’s fair to say that she’s succeeded in overcoming her association with Hannah Montana. Now it’s time for a good old fashion throwback! Let’s see Hannah on stage. Bonus if Billy Ray joins her.

The VMAs air August 30 on MTV.

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