Miley Cyrus Takes YouTube Viewers onto Her Private Jet

The star's Miley and Mandy Show hits the road for RodeoHouston

It’s the most ambitious – and lengthy – Miley and Mandy Show yet.

Posted Monday, the latest YouTube clip from Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux shows the girls on tour. Touted as their “Houston Rodeo” episode, the clip includes the pair showing off their private jet and bouncing around their hotel room. The show also includes a first: a guest!

The Best of Both Worlds Tour officially concluded in January, but it was revived for RodeoHouston and is Cyrus’s fourth sold-out show in Houston in 18 months, according to the Houston Chronicle. (That could explain the special treatment the girls are enjoying.)

After the show for “a zillion, billion people,” the best friends compliment one another’s talents (“She sang great,” Jiroux says of Cyrus, who replies, “You danced great!”) and then introduce hairstylist David.

Neither can quite pronounce his last name, but he does Cyrus’s hair, isn’t afraid to put the 15-year-old in a headlock, and his mantra, “Take care, brush your hair,” amuses Jiroux.

The teens debuted their show on YouTube last month and have received more than 1 million hits combined.

“They do it all themselves. They pick the music and Miley edits it together,” a source told PEOPLE last week. “It’s just two girls having fun.”

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