The teen star adores her BF – but wants to know who he's talking to
Credit: Karl Giant/Warner Bros.

Miley Cyrus may be smitten with boyfriend Justin Gaston but that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t snoop on him if she got the chance.

The teen phenom admits that if she had the opportunity to stalk a boyfriend for a day, without him knowing, then she would absolutely do it, she tells Tyra Banks in an interview set to air April 10.

From the sound of it, she may already have a little practice.

“I go through their text [messages],” she tells Tyra. “I see if they’re nice to their mom, because if they’re mean to their mom they re going to be mean to me.” Cyrus adds, “It’s so much better than going through their phone and stuff because they always know.” Spoken like a pro!

Appearing on The Tyra Banks Show with her Hannah Montana: The Movie castmates, Cyrus confesses she was star-struck by Sandra Bullock. “She was really cool,” Cyrus says of their recent meeting at the Kid s Choice Awards. “She gave me good advice about the media and how to relax and do what you love.”