A body double helps "speed the transition from Hannah Montana," says rep


During her wildly popular concert, Miley Cyrus plays two roles: herself and Hannah Montana, her TV alter ego. Just how does she do it? A body double, of course!

“To help speed the transition from Hannah to Miley, there is a production element during the performance of ‘We Got the Party’ incorporating a body double for Miley,” Cyrus’s rep said in a statement to E! News.

The body double is only on stage for a minute or two during the singer’s song with the Jonas Brothers “in order to allow Miley to remove the Hannah wig and costume and transform into Miley for her solo set,” the rep explained.

In a video, which made the rounds on the Web last week and enraged some fans, the 15-year-old star is briefly cloaked in a black sheet to slip backstage (around the 2:30 minute mark) and the look-alike immediately emerges to finish the number.

Regardless of the stage trickery, her rep said, “Miley performs live during the entirety of both the Hannah and Miley segments of the concert.”