Miley Cyrus Reflects on 'Hannah Montana' : 'That's a Lot to Put on a Kid'

"It's a lot to put on a kid to have them have to get their makeup done and then also balance school and then also have me dress up in a wig," Miley Cyrus said of starring on Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus was just 13 when she became a star on Hannah Montana — early fame that she now admits has had a lasting effect.

“I liked being in the Disney universe ’cause I didn’t know anything else. I knew I was getting to live what I wanted to do,” Cyrus said in an extended video interview from a new sit-down with CBS Sunday Morning. “I think now that I’m older now, I realize that’s a lot to put on a kid.”

She continued, “It’s a lot to put on a kid to have them have to get their makeup done and then also balance school and then also have me dress up in a wig. It’s a little Toddlers and Tiaras.”

When host Anthony Mason reminded Cyrus, now 24, it has been over a decade since the Disney series premiered, Cyrus said, “Yeah, don’t remind me.”

Asked during the broadcast whether she looks back on her Hannah Montana days positively, the singer replied, “I definitely look back on it as a good time. I think what was hard for me was balancing everything. I think it got harder when I started touring as both — I toured as Hannah Montana and as myself.”

“I think that’s probably what’s a little bit wrong with me now!” she laughed. “I mark that up to doing some extreme damage in my psyche as an adult person.”

Still, Cyrus highlights the good in the series.

“I think why people loved Hannah Montana was because Hannah Montana did feel real. And that’s ’cause I was under there. And people forgot that sometimes.”

She continued, “I loved being that character. And honestly, music is everything and all people wanna have is great music and for that audience, for what that was, that was great music for kids to listen to. there’s a song called ‘Life’s What You Make It, so Let’s Make It Rock.’ Never forget that— wise words. That’s a good thing to tell kids.”


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The singer — who released a new album, Younger Now, in September — also opened up about the lasting effects of being a child star. “America feels like my aunt. ‘You know, you’ve grown up so much and we don’t want to see you grow up,’ ” said Cyrus.

But despite controversy, Cyrus has learned to tune out the noise and follow her own inner compass. “I have a quote in my — I have a place where I do yoga —and it says, ‘The more that you love your own decisions, the less you need other people to love them,’ ” the singer said.

“I don’t feel like I got knocked down but I got that women judgment double standard in a heavy dosing and I’m okay with that,” she added. “You know I just recently read Hillary Clinton’s book [What Happened] and now I think of things in a whole different way. I always think, ‘If she can lose an election, I can do this.’ ”

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