Courtesy Miley Cyrus
August 15, 2015 02:05 PM

Miley Cyrus isn’t holding anything back.

The pop star, who once swung naked on a wrecking ball for a music video, posted an early Saturday selfie to Instagram from the toilet, with the caption “#PeePeeBlueLip.”

In the photo, Cyrus, 22, poses while sitting on a toilet in an outfit wrapped, Andy Warhol-style, in Drake’s face.

“Blue lip” was a reference to Drake himself. Earlier, Cyrus posted another photo showing more detail on her top – and the apparent inspiration for her lip color choice.

“When yoooo lipzzzz match Drake!!!!” she captioned the photo.

Cyrus, the host of the upcoming 2015 Video Music Awards, is no stranger to outrageousness.

Miley Cyrus to Host 2015 MTV Video Music Awards

A recent VMA promo had her in a tight one-piece strutting down a treadmill in platform shoes.

And in July, she posed topless with a mermaid tail, diamonds Photoshopped over her breasts.

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