Miley Cyrus on Nick Jonas: 'We're Really Good Buds'

The Hannah Montana opens up about her friendships before and after stardom

Photo: Michael Simon/Startraks

Miley Cyrus says her relationship with Nick Jonas is strictly friends.

When asked in Wednesday’s edition of USA Today if she’s dating anyone – perhaps a certain Jonas Brothers heartthrob – Cyrus insisted, “We’re just really good buds.”

Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, has been slightly more forthcoming. When PEOPLE first reported on the potential couple in July, he explained: “What kids do these days is that they have group dates. She really hasn’t had a date date.”

The wildly popular 15-year-old – who just legally changed her name to Miley Ray (from Destiny Hope) – also opened up about how fame affects her social life.

When one reader asked, “Do you ever worry that your friends like you only because you’re famous? Kind of like the reason Miley Stewart hides that she’s really Hannah Montana?” Cyrus admitted, “It’s definitely easier to make friends now.”

But, she said, it helps to know who’s really got your back. “I’ve had all my same friends from the beginning, so I know who was there before and who was there after,” she added. “You can tell who real people are.”

Plus, it’s pretty obvious that Cyrus has other people’s backs. In addition to visiting cancer patients in the nation’s capitol, her concert tour, which wraps this week in Miami, raised nearly $1 million for City of Hope’s cancer research programs.

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