Courtesy Miley Cyrus
August 15, 2012 10:50 AM

She stands behind her ‘do. And so does her man.

When Miley Cyrus Tweeted a photo showing off an edgy new pixie haircut on Sunday, many passionate fans responded unhappily, prompting the 19-year-old to defend her new look.

“My dad @billyraycyrus used to tell me ‘opinions are like a** holes every body has one,’ ” Cyrus Tweeted Monday. “LOVE my hair ❤ feel so happy, pretty, and free."

She also shared some hard-won wisdom with fans after most of the furor over her haircut subsided.

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“Self love is the greatest of all flatterers,” she Tweeted Tuesday, along with a photo of herself basking in the glow of her new do and rocking bright rep lips, a nose ring and lots of gold on her arm.

Despite all the static, Cyrus has at least one steady supporter in the form of her fiancé (since June 6), Liam Hemsworth, 22.

“He loves [my haircut],” Cyrus Tweeted to one of her fans Tuesday. “Last night he said I look the happiest he’s seen me in a while 🙂 he likes seeing my eyes more.”

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