Lyrics for the chorus include "Baby talk is creeping me out/F--- me so you stop baby talking."

December 12, 2015 12:10 AM

Miley Cyrus is a big baby – but don’t let the innocent look fool you!

For her newly released “BB Talk” music video – that features some very NSFW lyrics – the singer dressed like an actual baby, specifically a foul-mouthed infant wearing an inflatable diaper costume, and pacifier.

Cyrus, 23, put her signature out-there style on the concept to tell the story of a gal tired of hearing her many suitors and their baby talk.

“BB Talk” is the third song off her fifth studio album, Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz. The clip exclusively premiered on MTV Friday.

But this isn’t the first time Cyrus has worn the baby getup. In late November, she surprised fans with the outfit during the Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz tour.

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