Miley Cyrus Creating 'Really Zen' Vibe in New Home

The Last Song star, 17, is getting help from her mom in decorating her own place


When Miley Cyrus first became a huge tween star, her mom, Tish, made her promise one thing: To live at home until she’s at least 20.

“I got out of that!” Cyrus, 17, recently told PEOPLE with a laugh. “I’m actually buying a place. I haven’t moved in yet. I’m still reconstructing and stuff.”

Her mother’s reaction? “She’s stoked,” says Cyrus, who adds that her new home is “really, really close” to her family s current Toluca Lake, Calif., residence.

“My house is going to be gorgeous because my mom is an interior designer,” says Cyrus, whose new film The Last Song is in theatres now. “It’s like if your mom’s a clothes designer you’re always going to look great. My mom’s an interior designer so my house is going to be perfect all the time.”

The star decided to create “a really zen” space for her first home. “We did all these different things to make it a place that s so chill,” she says. “Like all my couches are on the floor and I have pillows on the floor. It s just serene – like my own kind of therapy.”

“My religion is love,” adds Cyrus, “so my door is always open for anyone who wants to come in. It’s a just a loving place.”

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