Gov. Mike Pence has signed a controversial "religious objections" bill into law
Credit: Jonathan Leibson/Getty; Michael Conroy/AP

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is feeling the heat from Hollywood after signing a bill into law that many fear will lead to discrimination against gay people.

Miley Cyrus was the most blunt in her criticism, calling Pence an expletive for approving the “religious objections” legislation, which would prohibit state and local laws that “substantially burden” the ability of people, and businesses, to follow their religious beliefs. That is seen by many as a precursor to refusing service to gay people.

“You’re an a–hole @govpenceIN,” the pop star, 22, wrote on Instagram next to a photo of the governor, 55. “The only place that has more idiots that Instagram is in politics.”

Many others in the political and entertainment worlds, including Ashton Kutcher, also slammed Pence for signing the bill.

Pence and other Republican lawmakers in Indiana called the concerns about the law a “misunderstanding.” Pence said: “This bill is not about discrimination, and if I thought it legalized discrimination I would have vetoed it.”