The football legend's coat looked familiar

By Kelli Bender
Updated February 02, 2014 07:00 PM
Credit: AP; Wireimage

Super Bowl XLVIII ‘s first viral star emerged before the kickoff in the form of a fuzzy Joe Namath.

A sports hero in his own right, Broadway Joe gave the crowd even more to rumble about when he strutted into the Super Bowl in a hooded mink coat and performed the coin toss for the big game. The 70-year-old stood before the teams in his fur finery and flipped the coin … twice.

Namath’s first flip came before either team could make a call. Perhaps they both were lost in Namath’s swag-exuding look. Eventually, the former New York Jet flipped the coin again with the Seattle Seahawks winning the call.

But it’s not Namath’s coin-toss fiasco that people are talking about; it’s his out-of-sight outerwear. The Internet is already drawing coat comparisons. Here are eight things that look like Joe Namath’s coat:

1. Darwin the IKEA Monkey

Darwin may have gotten lost in IKEA, but fly fashion sense is not lost on Darwin.

2. Miley Cyrus

Does this mean the “Super Bowl Shuffle” is going to incorporate twerking now?

3. Macklemore

The Grammy winner is going to be begging for Namath’s hand-me-downs.

4. CeeLo

Namath may not be able to out sing the Voice judge, but he has him out-furred.

5. Liberace

Whether you’re tickling the ivories or tossing the Super Bowl coin, it’s important to keep those arms warm.

6. Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy

We’re caught in a fluffy coat of emotion!

7. Younger Joe Namath

Do get it twisted: Looking sharp and staying warm has been Namath’s M.O. for decades.

8. Kate Hudson as Penny Lane

Namath doesn’t have to worry about being Almost Famous; this jacket is just another chapter in his legendary life.

Keep doing you, Joe!