"It was a lovely homecoming, and I loved it," Myers tells PEOPLE

By Scott Huver
Updated June 02, 2008 08:40 AM

It was “party on” again for Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar as Saturday Night Live alums Mike Myers and Dana Carvey reunited to don the mullets of their beloved Wayne’s World alter egos at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday.

“It was like I hadn’t seen Dana in like ten minutes,” Myers told PEOPLE. The comedian, who hosted MTV’s edgy, annual celebration of popular film, last worked with Carvey in 1994 and hadn’t teamed up in character with him since their 1993 sequel film Wayne’s World 2, but the duo delighted the crowd with their hilarious return as the snarky local access cable TV hosts who broadcast from Wayne’s basement in Aurora, Illinois.

“We actually had a hard time rehearsing because it was all about getting caught up, and I just loved it,” said Myers after the ceremony. “I can’t tell you how great it was to see him. The man who’ve I’ve admired since the beginning of being on Saturday Night Live is in top form, and he was just awesome. I felt – I ALWAYS felt – like I was related to Dana Carvey. It was a lovely homecoming, and I loved it.”

Carvey, who has kept a relatively low public profile in recent years, and Myers kept the crowd of celebrities laughing with a risqué sketch modifying recent movie titles into their porn film equivalents.

“Hilarious” was Myers’s verdict on the faux-egotistical performance by another former SNL cast mate: Adam Sandler, who played the song “Nobody Does It Better” in tribute to himself as Kevin James and Rob Schneider cavorted in a dance routine. “It was just great to see all the guys from Saturday Night Live. It was so much fun.”