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Family photos and important documents may find their owners once again

November 18, 2013 06:00 PM

Midwesterners affected by Sunday’s severe thunderstorms and tornadoes are turning to Facebook to help reunite missing belongings with their owners.

Photographs and documents, some of which travelled over a hundred miles in the high winds, have been posted to a page called Found items from the Washington Illinois and Diamond Illinois Tornadoes.

Precious school pictures, irreplaceable family photos, important tax return documents and even a certificate from the National Piano Playing Auditions have been found and posted to the page, which serves as a digital monument to the devastation that took at least eight lives and wounded dozens, according to the Associated Press.

A post of a damaged piece of mail had the caption,”Found in my Joliet yard! Mailing address is in Peoria! That’s 128 miles from my house.”

A school assignment, which appeared to be about a frog’s arms and legs, is ripped but still salvageable, and a wedding photo, still in good condition, awaits its owners to claim and re-frame it.

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