Microsoft Employees Serenade Apple Employees, Bring 'Peace on Earth' to Tech's Biggest Rivalry

Even tech's biggest rivalry isn't immune to the spirit of the holiday season


Even tech’s biggest rivalry isn’t immune to the spirit of the holiday season.

In a video posted to YouTube, Microsoft store employees from across the country gathered in front of Apple’s flagship New York store to sing a heartwarming rendition of “Let There Be Peace on Earth.”

The video ends with Apple employees cheering for and hugging their Microsoft counterparts. It’s a welcome change from the two tech giants’ usual holiday/year-round tradition of ridiculing each other’s products in national ads.

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While the video appears spontaneous, it was planned ahead of time as New York’s security rules mandate that Microsoft needed to secure Apple’s permission in advance to film in front of their store, AdAge reports. However, Apple was not privy to what the filming would entail.

Microsoft auditioned hundreds of its employees from around the U.S., ultimately bringing 37 of its best carolers to participate and inviting the Harlem Youth Choir to join in, CNN reports.

The video was filmed on November 16, just a few weeks after Microsoft opened a new store .3 miles away from Apple’s.

“It was a fitting welcome to the neighborhood by Apple and a warm celebration to begin the holiday season,” a spokesman for Microsoft told CNN. “The song’s message of hope and empowerment resonated strongly with the participants and crowd alike during this particularly emotional time of year.”

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