The former box office powerhouse left his wife and children out of his will

April 09, 2014 12:35 PM
Vince Bucci/Getty

Despite being Hollywood’s box-office champ at one time, Mickey Rooney was not living like an A-lister when he died at age 93 on Sunday.

New court documents reveal he left behind an estate valued at $18,000, and what little he had left he didn’t give to his estranged wife or children.

In his will, Rooney “disinherited” his eighth and final wife Jan, whom he wed in 1978, and children Michael, Mickey Jr., Teddy, Jonelle, Jimmy, Kimmy, Kerry and Kelly Ann.

He left everything to his stepson Mark.

The papers filed Tuesday also reveal a battle between Jan and Rooney’s trustee Michael Augustine over control of the actor’s remains. Rooney died Sunday of natural causes.

In his petition, Augustine asks the court to issue an order preventing Rooney’s wife from removing his remains from Forest Lawn Cemetery, or from having any input into his funeral service.

He notes that the couple had been separated since 2012, reaching a settlement agreement in 2013, leaving Jan with his Social Security checks and retirement funds.

A hearing is set for Friday to determine funeral and burial decision-making power.

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