Get to know the guy who has allegedly stolen Wilson's heart

Credit: Anthony J. Causi/Splash News

We know he’s rooting for the New York Rangers in the Stanley Cup playoffs and he’s been rumored to be the new boyfriend of Pitch Perfect 2‘s Rebel Wilson but who is Mickey Gooch, Jr.?

While the couple has yet to confirm if they are dating, we’re still intrigued by Wilson’s new pal. Here are five things you need to know about Wilson’s fellow Rangers cheerleader.

He’s a filmmaker

Gooch is the head of Skit Bags Entertainment, which recently produced The Head Thieves, a film about three brothers who go on a wild adventure to recover stolen cash. (Gooch also had a role in the film.)

He will soon be on the big screen with Wilson

According to IMDB, Gooch will appear How To Be Single alongside Wilson and Dakota Johnson Details about his role are unknown but he has been cast as “Big Boy.” The project is set to be released in February 2016.

He is a big sports fan

Not only did he snap fun Instagram pics with Wilson at the Rangers game, Gooch even struck a pose in the locker room of the Dallas Mavericks a couple months ago.

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He’s friends with Andy Dick

Gooch has shared multiple photos with the actor on social media and they even celebrated Easter together. Dick also appeared in The Head Thieves alongside Gooch.

He’s a dog lover

Gooch often posts photos of his French bulldog on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, with captions like “love my #dog”. This is good news for Wilson whose mother was a professional dog handler.